<p><em><a href="Non-Sumou.html">Other GNU/Linux tips</a></em></p> <p>If you are using sftp to transfer files to and from servers on the internet securely, you will find that sftp cannot resume a broken file upload or download.</p> <p>There are two solutions:</p> <ul> <li>Use putty's psftp.</li> <li>Install putty (under Debian GNU/Linux) <table bgcolor="#000000" border="1"><tr><td border="0"><font color="#FFFF00"><b># aptitude install putty</b></td></tr></table></li> <li>Now use psftp instead of running sftp.</li> <li>Instead of using <strong>put</strong> and <strong>get</strong> commands, use <strong>reput</strong> and <strong>reget</strong> commands. These automatically resume if restarting an upload or download.</li> <li>Use rsync. The syntax to upload a file with resume: <table bgcolor="#000000" border="1"><tr><td border="0"><font color="#FFFF00"><b>$ rsync &mdash;partial &mdash;progress &mdash;rsh=ssh localfile user@remotehost:directory/</b></td></tr></table></li> </ul>