These are tips not related in any way with Sumoudou or Sumou that I've come by, mostly computer related. This section is here so that maybe it might be helpful to someone trying to solve the same issues.

Alternate keyboard layout


Compiz related tips:

GNU on various devices

Conkeror related tips: Conkeror is a great webbrowser, based on Mozilla xulrunner, i.e. the same base as Firefox, however being inspired by the greatest piece of software ever: GNU Emacs, allowing for "almost" complete keyboard control.

Debian GNU/Linux related tips:

Qemu related tips:

Mac OS X related tips:

Full Debian GNU/Linux on the HTC Universal mobile phone: The Universal is the first phone in the world that runs a full Debian GNU/Linux distribution with full phone capabilities, i.e. functions as a regular phone with it, you can receive and make calls, send and receive SMSes, while running the full Debian GNU/Linux distribution on it, with it getting the full control over the phone and all its applications. This is a major breakthrough...

Ångström related tips:

OpenZaurus related tips:

Zaurus related tips:

Nokia N93 related tips: The Nokia N93 is a Series 60 v3 device. On a Central-European version of it it doesn't have a full Unicode font, though it supports Unicode, not allowing you to display a full range of Unicode texts, notably Japanese and Chinese.

Windows related tips:

Lotus Notes related tips:

Other tips: